What secure payment methods are available out there?

The way we pay for our goods on the net is changing and the same goes for transactions at the online casino.

There are still the two most conventional methods of payment, namely the credit card and the debit card; but then there are also new appliances like the e-wallet or digital wallet as it’s sometimes known.

With an e-wallet, you’re using a pre-paid or chargeable account to fund a transfer system whereby the company you employ as the e-wallet provider acts as an intermediary in the transaction. This can help prevent fraud as your details aren’t given directly to the online casino in the same manner as using a debit or credit card where the site has a direct link to your banking details.

Even if you do use credit or debit card, any conscientious site should offer you decent protection if they have the correct security software. You need to look for features like 128 bit Secure Socket Layering or TSL. These features act as encryption between client and host server, using complicated keys to close the connection if necessary. Most internet users still use direct payment methods such as debit cards and credit cards.

You should always check the privacy policy of the online casino that you’re using. You don’t want your details sold to third parties and the burden of the amount of spam mail and marketing which that entails.

Any reputable site should offer a number of payment options such as those mentioned above. The more payment options the site offers, the more dependable it’s likely to be. If at some point in the future you do decide to go down the e-wallet or digital wallet route, a good online casino site will easily let you transfer to your new chosen form of payment.