Analyzing Your Banking Options in an Uncertain Economy

Banking is one of those issues that can be a little sticky for some people. Mention opening up a bank account, and you’re bound to make someone either highly uncomfortable, nervous, frustrated, or worse — all three negative emotions put together. What is it about banking that really makes people so irritated in the first place?

Well, it’s like this — we live in a world with a pretty uncertain economy. No one really needs to listen to the news too long before they come to this conclusion for themselves. So if we really want to make sure that things really get taken care of in a big way, it’s going to require that we really look at getting banking that works on our terms.

Can we do that in an uncertain economy? Of course we can — it’s just a matter of really looking at what’s available, and going from there of course!

The truth is that you shouldn’t let the banks make you think that they have the upper hand here. It’s perfectly fine to look through all of your options and actually take your time. You don’t want to feel like you have to take whatever the banks are willing to give.

Your best bet is to start looking online for the bank that you want to do business with. No longer are you tied down to only the banks in your area — with direct deposit and ACH transfers, you can actually bank anywhere you want now. Internet banking has taken off because a lot more people are traveling now than they were in the past. It used to be that you really went with the bank in your town — after all, why would you bother going anywhere else when you really didn’t leave town as often?

Today, you have plenty of options and you need to make sure that if you do nothing else, that you look for the bank’s fee schedule and their account opening requirements. It’s all great if you don’t get any fees — but that status is usually granted towards people that actually keep a high minimum balance in their accounts at all times. For the rest of us, we can expect to pay some fees — that’s in part how banks make the bulk of their money, after all.

So, if you’re really ready to look into every aspect of opening a bank account, your search really starts online — good luck!