How to Cut the Cost of your Commute


Getting to and from work can be costly especially when you’re not within walking distance, which many of us are not. There are numerous different methods to choose from, it’s all about finding the most cost and time effective method for you.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to cut the cost of our commute – it seems to continue rising. It’s easy to see why; fuel prices in the UK are hitting new highs which have meant that buses, trains and taxis have been forced to put their prices up.

Despite this there are ways to cut the cost of your commute, it’s just about thinking outside the box and considering all possible options:

1.    Change your hours

If you know that your employers are flexible regarding your working hours then you could try getting them changed to avoid rush hour. Sitting in rush hour traffic not only uses lots of fuel but it takes time too. By switching your hours you could find your fill-ups lasting considerably longer and your stress levels becoming considerably lower.

2.    Reduce your working days

If you’re on flexi-time whereby you have to work a certain amount of hours per week then why not cram all of those hours into 4 days and take a day off? This will immediately reduce your travel costs by 20%.

3.    Bike to work

Ever since the London Olympics cycling has seen a massive boom in popularity which is evident to see on the roads of the UK. Many are put off by the initial set up cost of biking to work (i.e. buying the bike, helmet and clothing), however, a number of cycle retailers now offer 12 month interest free credit, which means you can spread the cost of your purchase. The money you save in petrol will then mean you can easily afford the monthly instalments.

4.    Carpool

According to a Census Bureau report 75% of motorists commute alone. This opens up a massive market for car sharing or carpooling schemes. There are various ways a car sharing scheme could work; firstly you could continue to drive into work every day, pick people up on the way and take petrol money off your passengers, secondly you could alternate driving days with passengers so that you are only ever driving into work twice a week, or you could stop driving altogether and pay someone petrol money to drive you into work. Whichever you choose; you’ll be saving money.


These are just a few of the ways you can cut the cost of your commute. Reducing your commuting costs will help to combat the rising cost of other aspects of life such as accommodation costs, food bills and insurance premiums.

This article has been written by Jason Scott on behalf of Guarantor Loans Online.