Secured debt consolidation loan – How it can help you in debt relief

If you have acquired significant amount of debt and are searching for debt relief options then secured debt consolidation loan might help you. This is especially applicable to you if you have started damaging your credit ratings because of late payments and other issues. In such cases getting an unsecured loan from a bank or a lender becomes difficult. Secured debt consolidation is the process by which you can consolidate your debts with a loan that is secured against any of your assets. This asset is known as your collateral. Depending upon the preference of your lender you can use, jewelry, real estate, stocks and bonds or personal belongings to serve as collateral for your debt consolidation loan.

Why would you go for secured debt consolidation loan?

This method of taking out a consolidation loan is usually adopted if you don’t have credit score that is considered acceptable in order to get an unsecured debt consolidation loan. You can also opt for secured credit consolidation loan if you want to get low rate of interest. These loans are easier to get and have low rate of interest as the collateral ensures that if you default on your debt, the lender gets something back in return. Obtaining a secured debt consolidation loan can be relatively easy depending on the kind of asset you want to put as collateral. Many banks and financial institutes readily accept real estate as collateral. You are forbidden from selling the collateral without the express permission of the lender during the loan term.

How does real estate help you in getting a secured loan?

If you own a home, it gives you the privilege of using it as collateral by borrowing needed money against it in the form of second mortgage, which is a secured debt consolidation loan. A second mortgage loan is taken after the first mortgage and is secured against the same assets. It is based on the amount of equity you have built up in that property, that is, the amount of interest or ownership you have over that property. Thus second mortgage is based on the difference between the current value of the house and the amount you owe on it.

It is advantageous for you to take a secured loan with your house as collateral for debt relief as the amount of interest rate on the loan is quite low. Taking a second mortgage also entitles you to tax benefits. Also these loans are quite flexible hence you can borrow a large amount of money to use it for any purpose. However, even though you are able to convert the equity on your home into a line of credit, you should be careful about doing this. Since the penalty is your house if you default, it is better that you only take a second mortgage for a very important financial need.